1. what people are saying about latw

    "The ambition of LATW’s repertoire, the high quality of its productions, and its educational and outreach efforts are unequaled in this country." -Audiofile Mag :::  “L.A. Theatre Works enchants, its voices transporting us to other worlds.”Los Angeles Magazine ::: “Quite magnificent.” —Vogue ::: "Every actor gets tired of saying ‘Hi, how are you doing?  Put your hands in the air, you’re under arrest.’  After a while you want to do something with some nobility attached to it, where you can submit to some great poetry or prose.  I love the fact that these words are coming out of my mouth.  It’s beautiful, it gives me a great deal of personal pleasure.” Richard Dreyfuss, actor ::: “L.A. Theatre Works is a cultural lifeline between playwrights, actors, and audiences. Together, we are able to share the wonders of the imagination, great storytelling , and first-rate performances.” —Stacy Keach, actor ::: “Working with L.A. Thetare Works takes on magical proportions.”  —Henry Winkler, actor ::: “There is an amazing simplicity and purity and pleasure in these productions, for the audience and the actors. It remains one of my favorite theater experiences.”  —Paul Giamatti, actor “L.A. Theatre Works is THE place in Los Angeles where you come to work with the best actors, directors, and plays.” —Jane Kaczmarek, actor